• Kentucky Future Problem Solvers

    Kentucky Future Problem Solvers

    A logo for a program that encourages critical thinking skills.

  • Rebelle


    Logo for a small independent yarn shop.

  • Wallace Station

    Wallace Station

    Article written for Keeneland Magazine. Download here.

  • Robie and Robie Fine Books

    Robie and Robie Fine Books

    Logo for a small family owned book store.

  • Watershed Farm

    Watershed Farm

    Logo for a small farm at a domestic violence shelter.

  • Be Bold

    Be Bold

    Logo for an empowerment workshop for girls.

  • Diary of a Dream

    Diary of a Dream

    Book cover and design. Look inside the book on Amazon here.

  • Union Church

    Union Church

    Adaptation of a logo that I originally created for Union Church in Berea. This version emphasizes […]

  • Captain Awkward

    Captain Awkward

    Icon card for the “Patron Saint of Break-Ups”. Original illustration.

  • Taste of Maxwell Cultural Festival

    Taste of Maxwell Cultural Festival

    Event local for annual school fund raiser.

  • Lexington Chamber Chorale

    Lexington Chamber Chorale

    Logo. Brochures. WordPress Site Customization. Visit Website here Download Brochure here

  • Kentucky Derby Magazine

    Kentucky Derby Magazine

    Art Direction and Design. Kentucky Derby Souvenir Magazine. Please set up an appointment to view the […]

  • McCardle’s Mentionables

    McCardle’s Mentionables

    A logo for a local seamstress.

  • TAG Lexington

    TAG Lexington

    Logo for a local marketing collective.